Tips to Downsizing


  • If you find yourself in economic straits, downsize as quickly as possible. The longer you try to hang on to a lifestyle you can no longer support, the deeper the pit you’ll be digging. Take your cue from business strategy - restructure.
  • Once you're in your new small space, enact a rule to keep your stuff from accumulating: Every time something comes in, something has to go. The item(s) you get rid of should be about the same size as the one you brought in.
  • Use your computer to replace other electronics taking up space, for example, Do you really need a DVD player, CD player, and a DVR, When you have a computer with a DVD-RW drive. (Plays and records DVDs/CDs.)
  • Avoid adding storage space. The more storage space, the more you are likely to clutter. In fact, attempt to minimize storage space.
  • Make use of "negative space", especially with small and sentimental things. For example, fill Grandma's old vase with the sea-shells you collected together (rather than in a box somewhere). Store Dad's casino-chip collection in his favorite beer-stein. Fill an heirloom milk-can with Ziploc bags full of pictures that you haven't decided what to do with. De-cluttering is important, but so is being efficient with the stuff that you DO keep!

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