Why Should I Market My House Now?

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Top Reasons Why Sellers Should Market a Home Now

Low interest rates and tax incentives have brought about a large number of first time buyers and investors, in addition to homeowners that are downsizing at this time. Competition for low to medium priced homes has increased, creating a greater demand in the market place.


  • High Demand – Low inventory in most markets means that the number of buyers competing for each home is higher than it has ever been.


  • Low Interest Rates– Today’s low rates mean more buyers can afford to purchase more amenities and pay higher prices than in the past.


  • Flexible Financing – Many buyers today are able to enjoy hundreds of different possible loan programs from ARMS, to revers amortization mortgages, and even no-documentation loans. This flexibility means more buyers can afford to buy homes than before.


  • Timing Control – Sellers who need more time to move, find a replacement property, or move into a rental can be more selective in choosing which offer best suits their needs. They can also specify their timing needs in advance.


  • Nationwide Market Expansion – The national housing market is now at record levels. This may mean more out of state buyers than ever before as potential buyers for a sellers home.


*Information has been reprinted from an article by Jim Remley, Pro Performer Seminars


In addition, if you are paying a mortgage more than the value of your home and facing financial difficulty, you could qualify for a short sale. Short Sales are an effective way to get out of bad situation, and at no cost to you. Contact me for a confidential meeting to discuss this opportunity.


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